Eye Opener: How To Outrank Your H2i Team + Meet The Lady Who Has Gotten Her 3 Jeeps!

Information leads to transformation. when you are not informed, you are deformed!

Few days ago i was chatting with my sponsor in H2i {255 accounts holder} and then she sent me this shocking information, after going through it i could see clearly why H2i is the business everyone should be doing right now!

Check out what she sent to me below;

Do you know that if you ;

Register 7 accounts with N46,200, you will earn back N9570 immediately and you will be in stage 2

Register 15 accounts with N99,000, you will earn back N23,430 immediately and  must have completed stage 2 level 1

Register 31 accounts with N204,600, you will earn back N67,650 immediately and you must have completed stage 2 level 2

Register 63 accounts with N415,800, you will earn back N156,090 immediately and must have completed stage 2 level 3

Register 127 accounts with N838,200, you will earn back N481,470 instantly and must have completed stage 2 level 4

Register 255 accounts with N1,683,000*you will earn back *N1,132,230 instantly and must have completed stage 2 level 5 and move to stage 3 with your HP laptop while the *2nd and 3rd account would have completed stage 2 level 4.
It’s really an eye opener.

Be wise

H2i rocks

But remember, no matter how many accounts you registered with, you will still refer people to register under you {and that’s the reason why i opened this downlinehelper team}.

H2i is  team work
Committed to our success

…Lest i forget meet this lady who is even in her 20s yet she has gotten 3 SUVS!

when she collected her first laptop, today she has collected at least 3SUVs!

Meaning, even if you take loan to open 255 accounts by the time you collect your first car you can even decide to sell it and repay the loan since you still have more accounts that will collect more cars.


Important Notice: I have officially stopped registering single account holders, the minimum account i register is now 7 and maximum of 255 accounts.

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