After Making 19 Million Naira From A Business Everyone Gave Him Little Chance To Succeed With…

Network Marketing Recruiting Genius; Idowu Odunuga Has Decided To Help Few More Nigerians Make N500,000 – N1,000,000 From The Same Business That Turned His Life Around And Help You Achieve The Kind Of Result That Made Top Network marketers Call Him The Fastest Team Builder In Nigeria.

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Its amazing the power humans realise they have when our back is against the wall.  

You are probably wondering why I started with such statement?  

Stick with me till the end and you will realise what the statement has to do with you.  

Before I get into how I'm going to help you make millions from a business opportunity I will share with you in a bit,

Allow me to introduce myself properly (for people who don’t know me) and share my story with you.  

My name is Idowu Odunuga, and you can check me up on facebook.

I’m not like the fake ass people who hide behind a finger because they are not practicing what they preach

And to be honest, I never thought I could become a millionaire in the shortest amount of time if I didn’t have my back against the wall,  

In fact If you ask me if I could experience so much success in a business no one gave me a chance in, I will ask if the prophet that sent you to me seeth well...LOL  

But with back was against the wall when I got a long waited admission to a private university and I was required to pay N870,000 as tuition fee among other things that I will still need money for to be able to resume.  

I knew I had to do something or else lose my admission for the second time since my parents told me they can only afford a federal university that was within their means.

At this point, I didn’t know where the help I needed so bad will come from.  

I guess is, we all have been at that point in our life where we needed something so bad but we know that help is not coming from anywhere and our only option was to go down on our knees to pray to God for a miracle.  

For me, I quickly realised Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Before now, I had lost my admission in one of the top private universities in Nigeria because I couldn’t pay my tuition which ran into millions.  

So I knew I couldn’t afford to lose this admission yet again as age isn’t on my side anymore.  

For weeks, I prayed to God for a miracle and direction on what to do.  

Even though I didn’t get the kind of miracle I hoped for which was someone coming to my rescue and paying my school fees.

I didn’t know God wanted to settle me once and for all so that I won’t depend on anyone for the rest of life again.

The Idea That Changed My Life

During my prayers, an Idea dropped in my mind which I am glad I ran with till date.  

The idea was that I was going to do what it took to make the required amount I needed to resume without begging uncles and aunties who instead of helping will only make mockery of me.

At least I know better after experiencing such with my first admission.  

At this point, I asked myself the toughest question...  

What Is The Best Way To Make Millions That Doesn’t Cost Tooth And A Leg?  

Knowing fully well that I didn’t have much money on me and I knew I needed to use the little I had on me judiciously.  

The idea that dropped in my heart was to start a business that I could make millions from in a shortest time possible, as the resumption date was getting close.

I decided to start asking questions from friends, online forums (In fact I became a constant Nairalander), blogs, sending emails to self made millionaire I came across their names online.  

After researching online and asking questions from people on what I could use the little left I had to start.  

My options were reduced to joining a business that didn’t require much to start.

· Didn’t require an office,

· Didn’t require large start up capital

· Didn’t require huge learning experience

· Didn’t require long time to start seeing results

· That still allowed me to do whatever I wanted to do.  

My guess is you'd really love such business.  

As the end of my research, everything pointed at one business.

"A Proven Network Marketing Business."

But just like you or most Nigerians, I had failed woefully in different types of such opportunities before and used to be skeptical.  

But this time, I known I had no choice than to do whatever it took since this was the only options I could come up with.  

My research lead me to one life changing opportunity called "Helping Hands Internationals A.K.A H2i"  

You probably wonder why I chose helping hands internationals,H2i. below are some of the reasons if you care to know.


    • Great compensation plan and residual income opportunity
    • Mind-blowing cash reward up to $50,000
    • No monthly fees to be paid
    • Not difficult to attain targets within a short period of time
    • No compulsory monthly buying of products that’s you don’t need.
    • Mind-blowing Awards of Tablets, Laptops, Brand New cars, No Collateral loans, child education funds, luxury trips around the world.
    • Proven to have stood the test of time
    • Regular Nigerians like you and I are attaining success And lots of testimonies about their success on the internet.

Some Testimonies Like

Regular Nigerians Getting Multiple Laptops;

Regular Nigerians Getting Brand New Cars In Recent Car Award Held Just 4 Weeks Ago (Over 113 Cars were given out to Members).

In fact I came across a student of University of Ibadan who got a car from Helping hands Internationals.  

With all this, it that was clear to me that I could make the money I needed in the required time.   If all these people can do it and none of them has two heads, I told myself I can also do it.  

This motivated me to quickly join and give it all my best.  

After Joining Helping Hands Internationals, there was one challenge I still needed to conquer.

The same challenge that has kept most Nigerians from making money from network marketing.  

The same challenge that has made Nigerians think network business isn't for them  

Even though billionaires who we all aspire to be like are saying otherwise.

 But How Do I Get People To Join My New Business Opportunity?

 This is what most people think,

At this point, I didn’t have anybody to talk to about my new business opportunity and I knew I had little time to start getting result if I didn’t wanted to lose my admission the second time.

I was left with one option which was to learn how to get people to join my team using the internet, my phone and social media platforms to my advantage.  

The discussion  to learn that changed my life.  

I went from nobody knowing me to being followed online by over 27,000 Nigerians who are willing to be part of my team in barely 6 months.

 The rest they say is history...

    •  I was able to pay my tuition fee of N870,000 and do other things I needed to do.
    • I was able to resume school as one of the most respected guys on campus.
    •  I had a striving business that allowed me the time to do other things I want.
    • I built one of the fastest growing network marketing teams in Nigeria.
    • I have recruited over 1,500 Nigerians into my team using social media platforms.

All these in the space of 4 months.  

My guess is you think I was the only one benefitting from this,  

Of course not, everyone in my team are reaping the benefit of my expertise of social media recruiting

 "I bless the day I met Idowu, He has completed changed the way I see things, his story inspired me to join his team and I can shout it at the top of the mountain that I didn’t regret, As of today, I have made over $3,000 from H2i, All thanks to Idowu relentless effort to make sure all his team members succeed"

- Mr Akin Adewale

 “I logged into my account today and found out your team building effort has brought in a total of $1650 into my account, My mouth is still wide open as I write this email to you. Thank Idowu, you are truly a genius like my friend who referred me to you said. God continue to bless you”

- Mrs Victoria Ikechukwu

"Hi ID, i've seen your hand more grease to your elbow. I can't wait to celebrate bcus i will soon own my own car! Thank you so much"

- David Okon

After Achieving So Much Succeed for Myself And Over 1,500 Nigerians, I Have Decided To Help Few More Nigeria To Change Their Financial Status With Helping Hands Internationals.

I don’t know where you are presently in life.  

Maybe your back is against the wall like me and you need to do something to change the current financial situation you find yourself in.  

Or maybe you are only looking for another source of viable income to add to the existing one you have already.  

Either way, this business opportunity is for you because joining my team will guarantee that...  

You will have a business that is guaranteed to add millions to your account, get brand new laptops, Get brand new Cars in the shortest time possible using my unique team building system.  

My guess is you can’t wait for me to lead you on this life changing journey right?   If so; great.  

Here is how I intend to help and work with you till you start getting result in the shortest time possible.  


  H2i Millionaire Titan - The Only Team That Is Guaranteed To Make You A Millionaire Through H2i In The Shortest Time Possible. 

4 Days Old Account Already Made Over $1,000! Check The Date, Just This September 21st!

Check Out My Personal H2i Accounts;

That is Over $10,000 Earned From Just 5 Of My Helping Hands International Account (I have 18 Accounts In Total).

One thing I have come to realise with network marketing business is this,  

Its not that people actually don’t think it can’t work for them but they need someone who can hold them by the hand and help them get result;  

This is why I created H2i Millionaire Titan Team  

Where I will not only work with you but help you start getting results has soon as possible by helping you start with your team building immediately you join H2i Millionaire Titan Team.  

One of the reasons I love h2i is because you can only register 2 people directly under you, which means every other referrals you get after the initial direct referrals under you,  you don’t have a choice than to sign them up under your down lines.  

In other words, I don’t have a choice than to make sure that you succeed in my team or else I won’t grow.

Here Is How Helping Hands Work + The Compenstion Plan:

- Register with Your One Time $40 (#6,600) Membership Fee,
But for you to join my team, you need a minimum of 3 accounts 6,600 x 3 = 19,800naira.
Reason for minimum of 3 accounts:
The team strategy i'm using only works with minimum of 3 Accounts.
My team is currently one of the fastest growing h2i team...Infact i got to my car stage in just 27 days! How did i do that?
Simple! I run massive promotions daily, which was how you also got to this page (you saw my advert online).
This is exactly how i'm currently breeding the most active H2i Team.




H2i has 5 (five) stages:
- After your successful registration, you are placed on stage 1 (as an Associate Member), you are expected to invite ONLY TWO people to join you as Help Partners, (each of the them will earn you referral bonus of $8 = $16).
Each of them is also expected to invited ONLY TWO people, when this is done, you get what is called Matrix bonus of $10, = $26, then you will be moved to Stage 2, called Master. Note: you can still invite more people, each of which will earn you $8.
- Now as Master Member now in stage two, you are not necessarily expected to invite anybody again (Although, if you so wish you can and it will be to your advantage). So as each of your downlines (the two people you invited and the people they invited) complete their stage 1 they will be join you in stage 2 and you will be getting what is called Matching bonus ranging from $100 - $1,000 (level 1-5).
And you well be rewarded with A Brand New Apple Ipad/Hp Laptop as an Additional Benefit when you complete stage two. Then you will be moved to stage 3 called Super Master.
- At Super Master stage, as your stage 2 members are joining you, you will be getting Level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $200 - $3,000. And when they are completed, you will also get the following additional benefits:
* A Brand New Hyundai Elantra worth over $15,000. 
* Trade & Skill Acquisition fully paid for by H2i
* Two recommended members of your family/friend/church members for Humanitarian support/empowerment (Up to $1,000 each). Then you will move to stage 4 called Minister.
- As a Minister Member, now in Stage 4, also as your stage 3 members join you, you get level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $300-$6,000. When they are completed, you will get the following Additional Incentives:
* Another Brand New Hyundai ix35 Executive Jeep that worth over $30,000.
* Interest Free Loan (on request)- up to $12,000
* Property & Asset Funding (70% support of up to $12,000)
* Humanitarian Aids to 1 orphanage home in your neighborhood on your recommendation.  Then you move to stage 5 called Prime Minister.
- As Prime Minister, now in Stage 5, you only need 6 of your members from stage 4 to join you, as soon as this is done, $12,000 is created to your account instantly. And in addition, you get the following incentives:
Housing Fund up to $40,000 
* All Expensive paid International Trip
* Education Fund (2 kids) $2,000
* Yearly Infinity Bonus of $5,000
* Elite Club Membership Loan up to $44,000 
And other incentives.



My success Is Tied To Your Success Directly And Indirectly.  

This is why I have kept my team very tight by working with only people that are serious about changing their life.  

What Kind Of People Do I Want To Join Team H2i Millionaire Titan?  

The question should can you join team H2i Millionaire Titan?

The answer to that question is ...Yes and No

Yes to people who are serious about changing things they don’t like in their life, People who are tired of complaining and want to do something about their finance.  

People who are serious about having another source of income.  

And No to deadweight who will pull us down and slow our pace down.  

And if you notice, I didn’t say if you don’t know how to recruit because that’s not required even though if you know how do, that could be to your advantage but if you don’t, it doesn’t stop you from succeeding in my team.  

Because just like you, few months ago I didn’t know how to get people to join my team but you don’t have to struggle with that anymore because my team of master recruiters who I have trained and I will help you on that path.

You can’t wait to get started with H2i Millionaire Team right?

Here is how…  

How To Join Team H2i Millionaire Titan  

From months of promoting H2i business opportunity and making millions from it, I have discovered the success formula which is one of the reasons my team is growing at such lightening speed and why Top network marketers in Nigeria respect me.  

Hence H2i Millionaire Titan Team is for serious people only who I can easily work with to start getting result at the quickest time possible.  

Here are the Different options Available To You To Join H2i Millionaire Titan Team Led By Me!  

Bronze - 3 accounts = N19,800. 
This is the smallest amount anyone who wants to join my team can join with.

Silver Member - 7 accounts = N46,200. Like I told you, my team is all about speed so we want people who also want to help us increase our speed so that they too can quickly make money. With this option, you will make $46 Immediately your accounts are created by my team  

Gold Members - 15 Account = N99,000. With this option, you will make $130 Immediately your accounts are created by my team  

Diamond Members - 33 Accounts = N217,000. With this option, you will make $350 Immediately your accounts are created by my team  

Platinum Members - 255 Accounts = N1,600,000. With this option, you will make N1,200,000. Immediately your accounts are created by my team. You will also get a brand new smartphone from me as a welcome gift (No team leader is currently doing this)!

Is That All You Get For Joining My Team?  

Because I want you to kick start this life changing business opportunity immediately, I want to help you make a quick decision and stop procrastinating hence my time sensitive offer.   For people who join my team within the next 7 days, you will get access to these Bank Balance changing bonuses below



Instant Access To My Members Only Whatsapp Group!


But remember you can only have access to these bonuses when you join within the next 7 days.

Here Is How To Pay To Join H2i Millionaire Titan

Step 1 - Make a deposit/Transfer Of The Option you want to start with e.g N19,800 for Bronze, N46,200 for Basic Member, N99,000 for Silver Members, N217,000 for Gold Members Or N1.6M for Platinum member into;  

Bank - Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name - Idowu Odunuga

Account No - 011-409-8675 

Step 2 - After payment, send an email message containing ;

your Full name,


Phone number,

Username & Password you wish to use

Date of payment and

Amount Paid for as a whatsapp message to 07052017884.

As soon as i confirm your payment, your H2i account will be set up immediately.    

You have A Decision To Make.  

For me, I took me being backed against the wall before I chose to take life by the horn and go ahead to create a business that help me pay for my tuition fees, and will continue to take care of my bills without knowing anything prior to taking the decision,  

I have never regretted my decision in that vulnerable moment of my life.  

Now, Its your turn!  

Are you going to shy away from the challenge and continue to struggle financially?  

Or join my team so that we can work together to create the kind of life you have always dreamt of.  

I believe you will make the smart choice.

Your Financial Success Partner  



I'm Only Re-Opening The Chance For You To Join My Team For The Next 7 Days, Once The Countdown Timer Below Get To 0.0.0 It Means You Can No Longer Join My Team.


You Too Can Still Be Part Of The Lucky Car Owners On February 24th 2018 If You Take Action Today!


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