Live Case Study: See How 2 Brand New H2i Accounts Made Over $1,000 And About To Finish Stage 2 In Record Time!

This is a quick blog post just to show the guys who keep asking me about how many accounts they need to register in other to get to stage 2 {The laptop stage}.

I have decided to share with you, a case study of two brand new accounts i registered and here is their progress so far!

…Check Out 2 Case Studies I Did Below;

Account 1: The First Account is Only Less Than 11 Days Old!

Account 2: The Second Account is Less Than 3 Days Old!

ACCOUNT 1: The Owner Registered 15 Accounts in My Team and Has Over $600 In 11 Days This Account Should Finish the Stage 2 {Laptop Stage in Less Than 17Days of Joining}

ACCOUNT 2: The Owner Registered 33 Accounts {217k} in My Team and Has Made Over $350 In Less Than 3 Days This Account Should Finish the Stage 2 {Laptop Stage in Less Than 10Days of Joining}! Thats the Power of Multiple Accounts!

I hope these 2 case studies will answer the questions of people who have been asking me how long it will take them to finish stage 2.

Let me break it down further:

The guy who opened the second 33accounts already has 8 accounts of his accounts on Stage 2 Immediately + $400 Earned!

What that mean is; by the time he finishes stage 2, those 8 accounts will make him $8,000 + 8 Laptops!

Minus 217k from $8,000 earned = He would have made more than 5 times the amount he spent even if he borrowed the money!

Can you see why people finish H2i stages in record time? H2i takes wisdom, why not join my team today and let me do all the hard word for you?

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