Meet The NYSC Corp Member Who Already Got 3 SUVs From Helping Hands International In Less Than 11Months!

Whenever people call me to ask if helping hands is real i just laugh…you think all these multinational companies would have associated themselves with H2i if it wasn’t real? I still dey laugh o.

Anyway thats not the reason for this post, i actually wanted to show you this post of someone who is in his 20s but already has 3 SUVs from h2i!

If this 27 year old Corp member can become a triple minister in h2i in less than a year. Then what are u waiting for???
A triple minister in h2i is someone who has finished stage 3 and qualified for an Suv and please note that one Suv is #10.2m each,so the 3 SUVs @#10.2m each= to #30.6m in less than a year, mbok which job can pay you #30.6m in less than a year?what is your excuse for not joining this business? The earlier we all realize the great opportunity and financial transformation and freedom h2i is offering us the better for us all!

Important Notice: The date for increment of registration fee have now been shifted to 29th of july 2017 {Saturday}.

Act fast and don’t be part of the people who will regret not joining before increment of registration fee!

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P.S: Because of the team strategy i’m using, the minimum in my team is 7accounts, but i will advice you to consider the 15 or 33 accounts if you wish to finish your laptop stage and get to the car stage within few weeks!

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