Simple Facebook Software + 7 H2i Accounts = $1,050 – $3,050 Per Week!

I have some good news for my H2i prospects but before then i will like to verify my claims by showing you 1week results from some of my H2i accounts below;

If You are looking for the best way to promote your H2i business then this autoposting software That can post to unlimited facebook groups and pages on autopilot, Is the ANSWER…{People will keep begging you to sign them up}

I bought it 2weeks ago and the results so far has been mind blowing!
Check The basic features of this software.

– Multi-User system
– Multi-facebook accounts
– No facebook app ID / Secret needed
Facebook post preview before posting in real
– Schedule posts
– Save post
– Random interval
And many more features

…I’m giving out this software for FREE to members to open up to 7 Accounts.

Why should you open multiple account?

…Good question; when you open multiple accounts, you will move up faster than every other person in your team!

Infact i’ve decided to give people who register up to 7accounts 1 account for FREE!

For Example: If you open 7 accounts, you earn $58  + $40 {for one extra account i’m giving all team members who register up to 7accounts} Instantly! One of your accounts get to stage 2 Immediately!

Check out the Lady below to see what it feels like owning multiple accounts in H2i!

That’s 33 Laptops + $33,000 from Her 33 accounts!

…Remember, that’s only stage 2…By the time she gets to stage 3, she will be getting $3,000 x 33 accounts = $99,000! …Plus 33 Cars!

Stage 4, She will get $6,000 x 33 = Abeg calculate am yourself! lol …Plus 33 Suv Jeeps!!!

What is are you then waiting for? Remember for every minute you waste of deciding whether or not to join H2i, some people are making their Millions!

Open 7 Accounts = Earn $58 Instantly!

Open 15 Accounts + Get 1 Free from me = Earn $120 Instantly!

Open 33 Accounts + Get 2 FREE from me = Earn $384 Instantly!

6,600 per account.

Call/Whatsapp: 07052017884 to get started.

Committed to seeing you succeed!



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