Step By Step: How To Place Sports Bets and Win Big!

In my last mail, I asked which of the Income opportunity you'd like to know about and surprisingly alot of people went for betting (another proof that a lot of people are on this betting thing).

So in today's tutorial I'm going to show you exactly how to place football (and other sports) bets, I will also show you a BEAST football betting software that delivers 88% accuracy!... 88% accuracy means, you can expect to win 8/9 bets out of 10!

Does an 88% accuracy betting software excites you? Ofcourse It should except you if you want to join the majority of Nigerian youths who waste their time going to bet shops to dash the betting companies their money.

Here's I'm going to empower you and that's the advanctage you hold over them for being on my newsletter.

Meaning of Betting Odds / Point:

 In betting, there is something called odds/point. This is the point with which your money will be multiplied by. Below is a simple example of what I mean.

So, let me take my time to explain each of the parameters.

The First Team is The Home Team: In any bet you want to place, the team that is written first is the home team. In this scenario the home team is Manchester United.

The First Odds is The Home Team: If you look at the first odds/point, you will see 1.38. That is the odds given to Manchester United who happens to be the home team. The reason why the odds is smaller than the Away team (the 8.60) is because Manchester United is stronger than Brighton & Hove Albion.

Whatever you bet with will be multiplied by the odds being placed on the team. For the purpose of this example, if you place a bet on Manchecster United with #1,000 naira, you will make back #1,380 (380naira being your profit).

Odds: This is the amount your money will be multiplied by.

Stake: This is the amount you are betting.


How To Accumulate Games For Bigger Wins:

Forget the grammar, what accumulation means is that you are placing different selections/games in one ticket. When you place several games in one ticket, it drastically increases your potential returns...but the sad thing is that if just one of the selections should fail, then you will lose all your stakes.

Below is what a multiple selections look like;

Now that you already know the basics, the next thing is opening a betting account.

How To Open A Betting Account;

There are 2 betting companies I always recommend to people;


When signing up for the 1xbet account;

On the sign up page enter the promo code 1x_35271 to get an instant 36,000 bonus (you need to deposit within 48hrs else the code will expire).

Once you deposit, the bonus money will reflect Instantly.

For Instance, if you deposit 36,000naira you will be given additional 36,000 making 72,000. If you deposit 100,000naira you get an additional 100,000naira (so far you used the promo code 1x_35271 when signing up).

I hope you find this tutorial very helpful.

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