Part 2: $200 Per Day Blueprint: How To Create Content and Monetize Your Blog To Start Earning.

Now that we already know how to create a new blog using the blogger platform the next thing is to show you how to get content and how to monetize your blog so that you can start earning.

If you missed the part 1 on how to open a new blog using Then Click Here To Go Through it again

In this post, am going to focus on 2 things;

  1. How to get content to post.

2. How To make money with your Blog.                                             


How To Get Content To Post.

Now that we have successfully created a blog, the next thing is to start posting. Please when posting you need to be careful, don't just go and copy people's content and post on your blog.

If you do that; the owner of the content may report your blog and even if they don't, your blog won't stand out of the crowd.

So how do you get content to post?

In The Blog Money Video Course, you would see the entire process of getting fresh content fast before any other person (the same concept that made Linda Ikeji's blog stand out of the crowd)!

...But for the sake of this tutorial, we are going to make use of Google...There are softwares that does this (They are called content curation softwares, I'm currently even giving out FREE Copies to my subscribers who are getting the The Blog Money Video Course)...You will also get to see the video on how to use it.

Back to our manual content curation technique, We all know that google has whatever topic you might be looking for...And You will agree with me that one of the news that shook the entertainment scene towards the end of last year was the Linda Ikeji and her baby drama.

So take for instance I want to post a story about that, but i don't know how to get the entire gist. All i need to do is just go to and type "Linda Ikeji baby". You see, the reason why we included baby in the phrase is because we want all the gist about her baby and the whole drama currently going on...If we don't include that, google may only give results that will take you to her blog and that way, you will continue to enrich her (can you now see how people make legit money online).

So below is what I got after typing the phrase "Linda Ikeji baby"

Wait! did you notice anything? Well, let me tell you what just happened; Linda Ikeji's blog herself did not appear on google's first page for the phrase we searched for (as at the time of making this post) which is actually funny considering the fact that Linda Ikeji makes decent income from blogging about other people and events, now these people are making money from her gist (though they are making her famous in return).

If we had typed in just "Linda Ikeji" in google, most of those results will only end up taking us back to her site and the more visits to her site, the more money she make (This is what bloggers/marketers call traffic)...Traffic is the amount of people visiting your website(s).

Now that we've gotten several stories, the next thing is to pick one and edit before posting on your blog.

When posting your stories, always make sure you edit the stories before posting (I mostly use a software for this), the software handles the whole stress for me it's called article spinner (you will get it for free as my subscriber when you get the The Blog Money Video Course.

When posting, always ensure you put the source of the story (This has been explained in details in the The Blog Money Video Course).

How To Make Money From Your Blog (Blogging For Profit).

I know this for sure is most people's favourite part of blogging...abi who no like better thing? lol!

So let me take my time to explain how bloggers make their money and how you too can start making some cool cash.

 There are several ways to make money from blogging for example;

  1. Affiliate marketing: This is done by promoting other people's product on your blog, you get paid on commission (usually a percentage of the sales amount).
  2. Adsense: This is the most popular means of making money from adsense. Infact most people goes into blogging majorly because of this (actually, I'm one of them).
  3. Sponsored Post: This is a form of advert that is being done in  form of a story or a normal blog post. You think its a normal article until you realize there is a product at the end.
  4. Banner Advert: With this, you get to sell banner space to companies, small scale businesses or you could even advertise your personal product. Bloggers like Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija are currently making a killing with this type of advert.
  5. Native Ads Networks: These type of adverts are the ones you see in below blog stories. example of native ads networks are: Mgid, Taboola, Revcontent etc. (The Viral Blogging Video Course covers that in details and how to get started with it)

Below is exactly what a blog that is currently making money looks like;

From the above image, all the images i arrowed are adverts. So whenever anyone clicks on any of these images, you automatically get paid in your adsense account.

How to open adsense account and withdraw your earnings to your local bank account? Everything has been treated in the The Blog Money Video Course.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful? Feel free to ask your questions using the comment box below (please if you are asking a question, make sure you check back to see if I've answered your question).

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